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Contact Lens Services

We take pride in prescribing high quality contact lenses to improve your vision and lifestyle. Contacts are medical devices (regulated by the FDA) that can cause discomfort, infection, and even permanent vision loss. New AND existing contact lens wearers require additional time and testing (as regulated by the state of Alaska) to minimize serious eye problems. For this reason, there are additional charges associated with new AND existing contact wearers. Feel free to ask your doctor about your options at the beginning of your exam.

Evaluation & Renewal of Existing Contact Lens Prescription

Contact lens evaluation & renewal of an existing & known prescription - $40 to $60

Fitting of a New Brand or Type of Contact Lens

Contact lens refit of a spherical (non-toric, non-astigmatism) lens (includes up to 2 visits) - $80 Contact lens refit of a toric lens/multifocal/monovision (includes up to 3 visits) - $90 Contact lens new fit for a first time wearer (includes up to 3 visits) - $120

Upgrades or Enhancements

Additional charge for new fit mono-vision or multifocal contact lens fit (includes up to 3 add I visits) - add $60 Additional charge per visit for fits extending beyond the included number of visits - add $25 Specialty fit contact lenses are determined on a case by case basis

No Contact Lens Service

Southside Contact Lens Policies

Fees for professional services (evaluations, fits, refits, etc...) are due on the day the service begins. Fitt ing fees include 60 days of contact lens related service. Fits extending beyond will require additional fees. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for 12 months from the completed fit or evaluation. Unopened, unmarked product may be returned within 60 days.

Four Great Reasons to Buy a One Year Supply of Your Disposable Contact Lenses

When you purchase a 1 year supply.of disposable contacts from us, you are entitled to the following: 1. Rebates are available on one year supplies of disposable contact lenses if purchased within 90 days of eye exam. 2. Power Change Protection. If your power changes during the year, we will exchange up to two unopened boxes. 3. Competitive Prices & Rebates - We offer the best overall value in contact lens purchasing. 4. Free Shipping on one year supplies.

Eyeglass Purchase Policy

Custom prescription glasses are non-refundable. If you are unable to adapt to your prescription eyewear for any reason, we will re-make the lenses into a type that is of equal or lesser value at no charge. This one-time re-make policy must be done within 90 days of purchase for changes in prescription only. Upgrades will incur additional charges.


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